You Absolutely Have To Squat

You Absolutely Have To Squat

Hey, you!

Yeah, you with the shoulder and back pain :( 


Youabsolutelyhave to squat.

Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons:

Squats Burn Fat 

Okay, squats won’t burn as much fat as five-mile run. I’ll give you that one.

But you’ll have to give me this one: Squats burn fat more efficiently. 

Squats Help To Build Strength and Muscle 

When you squat correctly, your body releases both the human growth hormone and testosterone. These are key to increasing muscle mass and building more muscle.

Thus, squats actually help you go harder in the gym. 

Better Circulation 

Ever had a dead leg? 

Or how about a bit of tingling in your boys or girls bits? Weird, huh?

These things are sometimes down to poor circulation.

For better circulation, you need to keep moving. And while any kind of exercise is good for circulation, squats are one of my personal favourites because even just a few set of ‘em will set your heart a-pounding. 

Squats Improve Posture 

Lots of us get told we could do with better posture.

“Stand up straight, you’re always slouching,” we’re told. 

One of the easiest ways to walk like a supermodel is to do more squats.

Make sure to hold your form when squatting so that bad posture won’t be a problem for you in the future. 

Squats Help You Lose Cellulite 

Yes, yes, yes. We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities with cellulite, and some of us have a bit of ourselves.

But here’s the thing: Bad circulation is one of the main causes of cellulite. And because we’ve already seen how squats improve your circulation, all you need to do is put two and two together.

Squats Improve Your Core Strength 

Bones, muscles and joints that connect your lower body with your upper body are your core. 

This is a key muscle group that you need to work on because you engage your core all the time during your everyday coming’s and goings. You engage it when you bend down to pick your shopping up off the floor, when you reach for a jar of jam on the top shelf and so on. 

Squats strengthen your core because it engages your lower back and stomach muscles. 

Squats Make You Toned 

Looking for a butt that makes the Instagram crowd go wild? 

Well, maybe you're not quite looking for that. But squats tone your butt, your legs and your abs so that you’re closer to the body of your dreams. 

Good For Joints and Bones 

Want to avoid debilitating diseases like osteoporosis? Then you need to exercise - and squats should on your list. 

Especially if you squat with dumbbells, you can up your game so that your joints are suppler and your bones are stronger. 

Squats Just Make Your Life Easier

Lastly, squats aid your life in so many ways it’s actually unreal. Whether you’re playing with your dog, lifting your child up into the air or even carrying heavy shopping, you’ll be groaning much less if you start squatting on the regular. 

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