Walk More. Get Ripped

Walk More. Get Ripped

We know that beasts like to take things to the next level with high-intensity interval training. We know that beasts like to do beast things. 

Going for a walk? That’s hardly beast-like! 

But walking is a great way to get ripped and burn more fat. It’s simple, it’s effective - and it’s something all boxers should be doing more of. Here’s why: 

Walking Boosts Your Recovery 

I’ve heard writers, poets and artists say that walking is restorative. It calms and clears their mind so that they’re able to overcome creative blocks.

But walking is alsophysically restorative, and it can boost your recovery. 

Think back to anytime you’ve been on a walk. Youalways feel better. You certainly don’t feel worse! 

This is because walking gets your blood flowing again which, in turns, aids your recovery. 

Walking Removes Training Stress (Doesn’t Add To It) 

High intensity interval training is obviously a key part of a fighter’s training routine. But HIIT adds a lot of stress to your body. So does weight lifting and intense cardio sessions.

After all that, thelast thing you want to do is addmore stress to your body. Instead, it would be good if you can remove a bit - which is exactly what walking does. 

It’s not really possible to overtrain when walking. You can walk as much as you want and while youmay suffer shin splints (doubtful) that’s as bad as things will get.

Walking Burns Fat

Walking is low intensity. It burns lots of fat but it doesn’t burn much muscle. Great. 

Of course, it depends how much you walk. A quick walk to Tesco won’t burn a great amount of fat. But if you go for a 4 hour walk in the hills, you’ll be sure to burn a good amount of fat without losing much muscle. 

The fact that a long walk can burn so much fat without harming muscle is one of the best benefits of walking. Over time, you’ll start to look ripped as hell (well, if you combine walking with HIIT, that is). 

Walking Is Great For Building Aerobic Fitness 

No, you can’t go for a few walks here and there and start competing in ultra marathons. But the more you walk, the more you will build up your work capacity and aerobic fitness levels. 

Taking regular walks (long ones) will increase your VO2 max into the 50+ range. Once you’re there, lifting weights will even become a tad easier. Instead of working tirelessly in the weights room until you’re flat-out exhausted and can’t take anymore, you’ll be able to handle things better. 

Walking Is Better For Heavier Dudes Than Jogging 

Jogging for sure has its benefits. But strength athletes reckon their explosiveness and lifts improve when they walk - not jog. 

Moreover, heavier dudes will find that jogging is a lot harder on their body. 


Walking is a great way to get ripped when combined with your higher intensity interval training routines. It’s functional, it’s safe and it’s very hard to screw up. 

Plus, you can even do it with your partner. Just make sure to pick a nice spot to take a walk, and invest in a decent pair of shoes. 

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