Essential Boxing Equipment for Beginners

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If you're ready to dive into the world of boxing, it can be tough to know what you're looking for when it comes to boxing equipment for beginners. Before you head to the gym to start training and get in the ring, you need to have the right tools. In the article below, we'll discuss everything that a beginner should make sure that they have in their gym bag on day one, as well as some other tools that may be useful as you enter the world of boxing.

Is getting into boxing expensive?

Having the right tools as a boxer is important because being unprepared could potentially be dangerous. That doesn't mean that boxing costs an arm and a leg to get into though. Most boxing equipment is very affordable and with high-quality boxing equipment, it can last a long time. Most training that high-performing boxers do doesn't involve a bunch of expensive, high-tech gadgets. Instead, boxing training usually utilizes just a few simple, time-tested tools that technology has just improved over the years.

How do beginners practice boxing at home?

There are plenty of ways to work on your reflexes, conditioning, and techniques by yourself within the comfort of your own home. No one can spend all day at the gym, so any serious boxer puts in some work at home from time to time.

There's no reason that you can't do the same workouts and training exercises that the pros do in your own home, you just need to make sure that you're doing the right kind of practice. Learning comes first in boxing, before you jump into working alone, learn about stance, posture, and form. Knowing how to train your body ensures that you make positive gains and are training safely.

Boxing is about knowledge, endurance, and agility. There are plenty of workouts that can train those things without ever stepping foot in a gym, and there are resources out there where you can learn the best training routines for boxers. When you can, however, training with a partner or a coach does offer numerous advantages.

What equipment does a boxer need?

To really get started in boxing, there isn't that much equipment that you actually need. There are thousands of gadgets and tools out there that may work for some, but you can decide what enhances your training experience after you get deeper into the world of boxing. The essential gear for a boxer really is essential though, and you shouldn't ever forgo any of the basics.


Boxing gloves are immediately what pops into most people's heads when they think about equipment for boxing. Not all boxing gloves are made equal though, and you want to make sure that you get a pair that not only works great for you, but will also withstand some serious punishment and last a long time.

Beast Gear cowhide leather boxing gloves

The first trick to getting the perfect pair of boxing gloves is the fit. Improperly fitting gloves can chafe your skin or worse, not provide the protection they need. Getting the perfect fit ensures that your wrist straps snugly into the glove and that it fits your fist, well-- like a glove.

Some brands offer highly adjustable gloves that can be customized to fit any size hand, and usually, rather than sizes, they will categorize their gloves into weights. Each escalating weight offers more padding, which means more protection for your knuckles as you train. The typical sizes offered for gloves are:

  • 10 oz
  • 12 oz
  • 14 oz
  • 16 oz

Heavier weights are usually recommended for amateurs since they'll be easier on your hands. Eventually, you'll need 10 or 12 oz gloves in competitive matches, but even the pros will use heavier gloves for training typically. Since you'll be pounding away at bags with them, you want something tough. Typically, cowhide leather boxing gloves offer the most durability and value.

Protective gear

Boxing is a very physical sport, and you've got to be protected. While there's not a lot required to get started in boxing, there are definitely a few pieces of protective gear that you've got to have.

A mouth guard is essential to protect your teeth and gums in a sport where eventually you're going to have to take some hits to the face. Not all mouth guards are created equal. You need something that molds to your teeth for comfort and fit, but for maximum shock absorption, pick up a dual-layered mouth guard before you step into a ring.

You may have seen boxers in movies wrapping their hands before they put their gloves on. That is very much reality. Boxing puts a lot of strain on your hands, and most boxers will have at least 2 layers of protection on their fists. Hand wraps are a great way to protect yourself, and unless you want to spend a small fortune rebuying cheap hand wraps over and over, you need to buy some high-quality, reusable hand wraps from the start.

Training aids

If you're going to dive into training, you need some tools beyond just the weight and ring at the gym. Training for boxing involves more than just throwing punches. Obviously, getting some bags in your home would give you a great place to start, but there are easier, less obtrusive, and much more affordable ways to train hard, even while not at the gym.

Tools like boxing reflex balls can be great to train your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. While it may seem like a very simple tool, reflex balls not only are one of the best ways to get your punching accuracy and arm stamina up to par, but also are what the pros use for footwork and coordination training.

If you're working with a partner or a coach, punch sticks may also be a great way to get more out of your training time. These padded batons allow coaches or training partners to push your training to the limits, without risking injury to either of you.

Get the right gear from the start with Beast Gear

Boxing is a great sport. For conditioning your body and instilling your life with new determination and motivation, it's a great activity to get into. There aren't many tools that you need to dive into boxing headfirst, but there are a few pieces of boxing equipment for beginners that no novice fighter should be without.

If you're ready to get what you need to get started in boxing, or pick up some new equipment to take your fight to the next level, Beast Gear has what you need. Visit us today, and see our entire selection of boxing and weightlifting gear.

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