Why Train with a Boxing Reflex Ball?

Why Train with a Boxing Reflex Ball?

A reflex ball might look kinda funny, but boxers have started using it to improve their focus and punch accuracy. The pace of the ball is dictated entirely by how powerful you strike it, and the aim is to create a constant rhythm while also creating a bit of unpredictability.

But how useful really is it? Should you train with a reflex ball? 

Here are a few reasons why Beast Gear thinks you should:

Better Hand Eye Coordination 

Hand eye coordination is so important to boxers, and training with a reflex ball ups your game in this area. You must focus 100% on the ball as you land a few punches and combinations.

The more time you spend predicting the motion of the reflex ball, the better your hand/eye coordination will be. This is the same with tennis and cricket stars who must laser-focus on the ball while striking it at the right time with the right angle and correct amount of force. As time goes on, their judgement improves. So will yours. 

Improved Arm Stamina 

The great thing about a reflex ball is that you can decide how long or short you want it to be. The shorter the length, the faster you must punch. 

Maintaining a high pace is, of course, massively demanding on your arms. Soon, you will tire. But that’s okay - the more you train with the reflex ball, the more stamina you will develop. This will in turn help you to go longer in the ring. 

Better Punching Accuracy 

Just like your opponent in the ring is always moving, so is the reflex ball. Because you’re punching a moving target, your punching accuracy will improve. 

And when you’re more accurate with your punching, your rallies with the ball will be longer, and thus your sessions will be more fun. 

(honestly, it’s not much fun when you keep missing the ball)

 No Need For a Sparring Partner 

Let’s face it, there are always times when we want to go boxing training but our partner is unavailable. One of the best things about the reflex ball is that you don’t need to be waiting on your partner. Instead, you can go training whenever you damn well feel like it. 

It’s completely portable, too, so you can take it anywhere. I’ve seen guys and girls training with a reflex ball outside their caravan, for example! 

Improved Footwork

Balance and footwork is key to any boxer’s success, and training with a reflex ball will raise your game in this area. 

The first time you exhaust a lengthy rally with a reflex ball, you’ll notice that you’ve probably lost your footing a few times. Maybe after the first few rallies you’re still finding it hard to maintain balance. 

But that’s totally cool - balance will come. The more you train with your reflex ball, the better your footwork will be. 


I personally love training with reflex balls and can’t recommend them enough. As you can see, there are many ways they can help a fighter improve his or her skills. They’re portable, there’s no need for a training partner, and they’re super affordable, too.

Careful, though - they’re also amazingly addictive! 

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