Heavy Bag Training For Beasts

Heavy Bag Training For Beasts

The great thing about a heavy bag is that it’s inexpensive.Anyone who wants to be a beast can own one. And if you don’t own one, all you need to do is pop yourself down to a gym and start using one there. 

A heavy bag will improve your strength while making your workouts more technical. It will also raise your fitness levels and give you the motivation you need to go harder and longer. 

In this article, Beast Gear looks at ways to use heavy bag training to your advantage.

Jab Round (Attack Drill) 

The jab is key to outside fighters in particular butall fighters should practice their jabs during heavy bag training. 

Beginning with singles, you can then move onto doubles before finishing with some triple and quadruple jabs. Stay committed to your footwork and movement all the time, mix things up with some feints and move around from the head to the body. 

Work On the Inside (Attack Drill) 

Go in tight on your bag. Get up close, be aggressive and imposing, making sure your head and shoulders are as close as possible. Feel uncomfortable but make the bag (your opponent) uncomfortable, too. 

Getting up close and personal will help to improve your inside sparring technique. 

Block and Counter (Defence and Attack Drill) 

Begin with a simple catch and jab, the idea being that you’re pretending that your opponent has just jabbed you. Return a jab while stalking the bag before catching another jab and landing a combo of your own. 

As you progress with this routine, try a variation of the block and counter combination. For example, try a side guard block before retaliating with a hook. 

In and Out Compound Attacks (Defence and Attack Drill) 

This one works your defensive movement and combines it with rapid compound attacks. 

Beginning slightly out of range, come quickly into range before delivering a quick short combination and then drop back out of range. 

Move about and try a second time with a different combination, before launching an attack and dropping off again. 

More Tips: 

Carry Out Footwork Drills 

As you punch the bag, don’t forget to work on some footwork drills at all times. 

This means constantly moving around the bag as opposed to staying still. It means putting in some forward and backward steps, as well as step-offs. Switch stances, too, and do some pivots. All of this will improve your balance and focus. 

Take Active and Passive Rest Breaks

An active rest means you’re still moving and staying in the game without striking the bag. After you’ve just down a lower intensity round, it’s a smart idea to work on your movement and footwork drills as you stalk the bag, readying yourself to start smashing it again. 

After a higher intensity round, it’s better to engage in a passive rest breaks. Work on your breathing - keep it deep and controlled as you circle the bag before going again. 


Heavy bag training is essential for beasts. Either buy yourself a bag or use one at the gym, and then start working on your attack and defence, and keep making progress. You’ve got this. 

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