How to Build Epic Hamstrings for Fighting

How to Build Epic Hamstrings for Fighting

Your favourite team is playing an important game of football. It’s 0-0, and there are two minutes to go.

Then, your pacy striker bursts through on goal. He’s sprinting forward, leaving the defender’s for dead. There’s only the keeper to beat! 

All of a sudden, he slows down, skips a little, feels the back of his thigh - and goes down in a heap. 

His hamstring went. Not cool - but it happens, and not just to footballers. It also happens to fighters. 

If you want to win more fights, you need epic hamstrings that won’t let you down. In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at how to build ‘em. 

Kneeling Half-Mountain Climber Bow Draw

To start, get down on all fours, placing your knees right under your hips. 

Source: Onnit Fitness YouTube

Then, move your left forward so that it sits outside your left hand. Bring your knee in toward your left arm but push your arms apart. 

Bring your shoulder blades back together and bring them down. Tilting your butt up to the ceiling, flatten your lower back out and brace your core. 

Extend your left knee. Push your pelvis back to your heel and make your spine stays extended the whole time. 

Pushing your foot into the floor, finish off by bending your knee ever so slowly as you come back. 

Repeat this for your right side.

Lying L Sit 

Start by lying on your back, before bending your knees and resting your feet near your butt.

Source: Coach Mag UK

Then extend your arms by your sides, pressing your palms into the ground.

Make sure your tailbone is tucked under and keep your lower back flat. Breathe deep, brace your core, and extend your legs overhead while pulling your toes toward your head. 

Keep pulling your toes down and keep your legs straight for around half a minute. It will be tough but you can do it. 

Repeat 3 rounds. 

The Romanian Deadlift 

The Romanian deadlift will get your glutes working with your hamstrings so that you’ll be able to jump higher and run faster. It will also get your hips working so that your movement improves in the ring. This is important because your hamstrings cross two key joints - your knee and your hip - so you need to work them both. 

Source: Coach Mag UK

Begin by setting a barbell on a rack at hip level. Grab it with your shoulder-width grip, lift it off the rack and take a step back. 

Planting your fit hip-width apart, draw your shoulders down and back together.

Breath deeply, brace your core and pull your ribs down while pushing your hips back. Key to this is that you keep a long spine from head to tail. Then, lower your body. You should soon feel a stretch in your hamstrings. 

Pulling the bar into your body, let your knees bend a tad as you lower yourself down. 

Finish by squeezing your glutes and extending your hips. 

Come back up and go again. 


Hamstrings are a complex muscle that work with your knee, your hip and your glutes. When you’re fighting, and especially when you’re running, your body puts alot of stress on them. So do these 3 exercises to strengthen them and make them epic. 

And whatever you do, try to spend less time sitting at your desk or lying on the couch. All of that’s bad for your ham’s. 

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