How To Recover Faster and Avoid Weight Gain While Injured

How To Recover Faster and Avoid Weight Gain While Injured

Picture it: You’ve been training like a beast but an injury has derailed you. You’re not burning as many calories all of a sudden but you feel like you’re eating a bit more … and piling on the weight. 

Major bummer -especially if you can’t even go to work. 

Many of us have been there, and we’ve nearly gone completely crazy in this situation! But rather than hold your very own pity party complete with cookies, pizza and bacon sandwiches, you need to adjust your mindset and learn how to recover faster and avoid weight gain while injured.

And Beast Gear is going to show you how to do just that. 

Stop. Snacking 

I repeat: Stop. Snacking! 

Whenever we feel down, many of us reach for the snack cupboard. But you can either move that drawer higher up so that it’s out of reach, or you can just drum this into yourself: “I need to stop snacking.”

Now’s a good time to carry out an audit into your diet and look for ways you can cut a few calories. If you’re snacking too much but know you probably can’t stop, at least snack the healthy way with some nuts, seeds and dried fruits. These foods will also boost your recovery time. 

Look At The Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight 

Take a look at your bad habits. Maybe you’ve taken to eating in front of the TV more often (this can encourage mindless eating), or maybe you’ve started eating larger portions than usual. 

Or maybe your partner has been buttering you up with second helpings or desert to help put a smile back on your face during these testing times? 

Whatever your bad habits are, find them. Find where you’re going wrong and then put an action plan in place to get things back on track. 

Move More 

I’m not saying you should put your sneakers on and go running just yet. But if you can manage the stairs, take the stairs. If it wouldn’t hurt to park a bit further away from the storefront, park a bit further away. 

A couple of hacks like these will aid your recovery time and help you to avoid weight gain. 

Eat More Fruit and Veg To Fill Up

I know this might sound like lame advice. If you’re a beast, how are you gonna fill up on fruit and veg?!

But here’s a real cool thing: Multi-millionaire author ofLiving with a Navy SEAL Jesse Itzler only eats fruit before noon. Why? First of all, for health reasons. But also because he knows that fruit and veg are stuffed with key nutrients that boost your energy levels and - in their own way - actually fill you up.

While I’m definitely not recommending that you eat just fruit before noon, there are all kinds of fruit and veg that are loaded with healthy fats and fibre, and which can prime your body for recovery while keeping you so filled up that you don’t gorge on the wrong stuff. These include avocados, apples, bananas and celery. 


The most important thing right now is that you keep moving as much as you can (it’s all about baby steps), keep eating the right things and that you put duct tape on that damn snacks cupboard if you have to. 

If you keep following the right advice, you’ll be back out there being a beast in no time at all.

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