How To Find An Awesome Boxing Gym

How To Find An Awesome Boxing Gym

Boxing can be a lot of fun … but it can also be pretty unsatisfying if you don’t find the right gym and trainer. 

Finding the right boxing gym is key because it will help you improve, and it will help you to enjoy the sport more. The closer you are with your trainer, and the more they tailor workouts specifically to you, the better you’ll get - and the happier you’ll be. 

Of course, there are more things to consider, such as price, what you want out of this exactly, and where you are as a fighter right noq. In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at the things you need to bear in mind as you look for an awesome boxing gym that’s right for you. 

A Youth Centre

Youth centres used to be a dime a dozen in the UK, but thanks to social cuts, there’s a lot less of them than there used to be. That doesn’t mean they’re not still around, though. Local youth centres are great places to get off the streets and get boxing with people your own age. If you’re looking to really bond with people in your community Rocky-style, youth centres are awesome. 

And that doesn’t mean to say that only young people box at youth centre’s - that’s not true at all. Amateurs, and even professionals young and old train, and spar at these places.

The best thing about youth centres, though, is that the cost is small. But while youth centres are a great budget choice, they’re not the best place to go if you really wanna develop your skills.

For that, you’d need to try a … 

Professional Boxing Gym 

Professional boxing gyms smell of sweat. And for good reason. Fighters take these places seriously. They’re the “rise and grind” type who sweat it out each day, smashing punch bags, and smashing each other in the face. This is where folk go to advance themselves. 

Pro boxing gyms can be a bit of a zoo in that they’re crowded with fighters, but they’re a great way to break yourself in if that’s what you’re looking for. A pro boxing gym is full of no-nonsense fighters who want to improve. 

If you’re not worried about an intimidating atmosphere and don’t mind paying a fairly inflated trainers fee, seek out a professional boxing gym near you. 

MMA Gyms 

The problem with finding an MMA gym is that there are ‘real’ ones and ‘fake’ ones. The difference is that a real MMA gym centres on boxing, kickboxing and grappling, while a fake one advertises itself as an all-in-one centre that’s going to school you in literally everything. 

What you want is a focused MMA gym that’s going to improve your fighting skills. I sayfighting skills because, while MMA gyms do teach boxing, they only focus on the aspects that are needed for MMA combat. If that’s what you’re looking for, seek out an MMA gym.

Fitness Gyms

Lastly, a fitness gym is something we’ve all visited at one point. It’s a commercial gym that’s full of men and women looking to beast their individual health and fitness goals. Some want to get stronger, others want to get fitter, while some just want to lose all that Christmas fat. 

Here you’ll find aerobic training, cardio sessions and treadmills. In other words, fitness gyms arenot the ones to go for if you want to get good at boxing. They might have boxing instruction but it will be lame and expensive. 


If you’ve decided which type of boxing gym is best for you, the next step is to go on Google and type in “professional boxing gym near me” (or whatever it is you’re looking for). Then, check out the reviews and get yourself over there. Remember to take your own gloves, too.

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