Why Beasts Should Take Creatine

Why Beasts Should Take Creatine

Here at Beast Gear, we’re always looking for ways to be more beast. And when it comes to the stuff you put in your body, there are things you should definitely put in there (healthy nutritious food), as well as things you probably shouldn’t put in there (cough, ten pints of lager at the weekend, cough).


Then, there are things that have a question mark over them - such as creatine. 

Contrary to popular belief, creatine isnot a steroid. Instead, it exists naturally in your muscle cells, and it’s also a 100% natural supplement designed to boost your performance in the gym, in the boxing ring - and even on the running track. 

Let’s take a look at exactly why you should put this baby in your glass of water from now on. 

Creatine Can Prevent The Loss of Vital Muscle Tissue 

A fact of life is that, as we get older, we lose muscle tissue. To put it bluntly, muscle dies, and when it dies, old folk turn into children again. They can’t do 80% of the things they used to do with ease.

If you see an old person struggling to get on a bus, you can bet your last dollar they’ve lost lots of muscle tissue. 

That’s kinda sad, and the process happens earlier for some than it does for others. Of course, weight lifting can prevent the loss of muscle tissue, but it can only do so much. Moreover, you can take creatine and not even lift weights anymore and you will still be able to prevent muscle loss (to a certain degree, at least). 

That said, it’salways best to combine creatine with exercise for better results. 

Creatine Can Make You Live Longer 

Bet you’re sold now! 

Yup, creatine is a mitochondria-supporting compound, which means that it gives you more energyand helps your cells to live longer, happier lives. 

And when your cells live longer, happier lives, YOU live a longer, happier life with more energy. It’s a major win. 

Creatine Can Boost Cardiovascular Health 

Ever seen someone with a heart condition in the gym? If you have, you’ll notice they tire pretty damn quickly.

Most likely, though, they haven’t made it to the gym. Instead, they’ll be pottering about at home, flicking through the TV channels, and making peanut butter sandwiches in the kitchen. They’ll still be tiring pretty quickly, though. 

It’s sad, but heart conditions are characterized by low energy, which is something creatine helps with. Creatine boosts the amount of ATP in your body, which is essentially your energy currency. The more ATP you have, the more full of beans you’ll be, and the more blood you’ll have pumping to your heart. This will allow you to be more beast 

Creatine Can Prevent Osteoporosis 

Osteoporosis is a thinning of the bones. It generally happens a bit later in life to people who haven’t exercised much at all. Once it’s set in, it’s pretty nasty and it will most definitely prevent you from beasting your goals. 

Creatine assists the formation of osteoblasts, which is to say it helps to make your bones stronger. It also assists with bone repair and bone formation. 


If you want to be more beast, it’s time to start mixing creatine into your drinks. It goes with anything - water, milk, juice, even alcohol (okay, you’re allowed one or two at the weekend). Once you’ve started taking it on the regular, try to stick to between 3-5 grams per day and don’t worry aboutwhen to take it. Any time of the day is generally good. 

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