Smart Rest Days for Boxers

Smart Rest Days for Boxers

Smart Rest Days

Every boxer needs rest. Even the greatest boxers alive need it. Floyd Mayweather plans his ten weeks of training meticulously and gives himself two rest days each week. 

Some people who love training so damn much ask the question whether they evenneed to rest, and while you probably don’t need a break if you only indulge in simple, light training each day, your body needs time to properly recover if you want to transform into abeast

Let’s take a look at the smart way to rest and recover in-between gruelling training sessions so that you’re always improving.

How Many Days a Week Should You Rest? 

The biggest question is how many rest days you as a boxer should have.

As mentioned, Floyd Mayweather gives himself two days a week off to recover because his training regime is so intense. The great Mohammad Ali (whodespisedtraining) had a similar routine.

Whatever you decide, the main thing is to give yourself at least 1 day a week off. That’s the minimum requirement because your muscles and joints need it.All competitive fighters need this.  If you don’t allow yourself at least one rest day a week, your muscles and joints won’t grow to be as strong, as powerful and as useful as you want them to be. You’ll be playing yourself. 

Another way to do it is to rest one day a week for a few weeks, and then take two days off when you start to feel a bit burnt out. If you’re feeling the burn, there’s no need to keep pushing through it. Take some time to slow down and properly recover. Don’t worry that this will take you away from your beasting goals; on the contrary, it will actually help you improve physically. 

But again, it all comes down to how intense your workouts are. If they’re super intense, it’s a smart idea to take two rest days per week. 

What To Do On Smart Rest Days? 

Here are a few things you should be doing on those ‘rest days’:

Do Some Light Exercise

If your body says it’s okay to do some light exercise, then do it. Maybe go for a cycle around town or have a quick swim in the pool. 


When training, boxers don’t always get the sleep they need. Because sleep is vitally important to your recovery (it’s during sleep when muscles grow, wounds heal and so on), you could use your rest day to catch up on some zzz’s. 

And you don’t need to feel bad because you’ll be back at it tomorrow. Boom. 


Spend your rest day hydrating your body. Drink more than 5 glasses of water to prevent muscle cramps and eat lots of water-rich fruit, such as strawberries and especially watermelon. 

Stay Active 

A smart rest day is one where you’re not sitting around watching Netflix. Stay active. Go for a stroll with the dog, walk to the store and do the shopping. 


Don’t fall into the mentality of going hard and ‘getting at it’ each day. While that’s a compelling philosophy, and while itseems like it would give you a competitive advantage, it’s actually counterproductive. Work hard but rest smart. Listen to your body so that you avoid the exhaustion and moodiness that comes from over-training. 

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