Recovery Techniques For Crossfitters

Recovery Techniques For Crossfitters

Training is taxing on the body. Whenever you train, your body has to go on the defensive in order to minimise stress and ensure you don’t cause yourself an injury. 

The thing is, you can help it by nailing your post-training period. In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at the most efficient recovery techniques for crossfitters so that you’re able to train harder and get stronger faster.

Eat The Right Things 

Whenever you do crossfit, your muscle protein breaks down. It doesn't matter how tough you are, even beasts experience muscle protein breakdown. 

As a result, it’s really important that you eat the right things post-crossfit so that your body is able to set to work repairing and rebuilding your proteins. 

Above anything else, protein is essential to your post-crossfit diet. Key proteins you should aim to eat include dairy protein, such as Greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, kefir and eggs, quinoa, beans and tuna. 

This is all good stuff. But you should also get some carbs in there to restore your depleted glycogen stores, too. 

Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals as well, including your omega-3’s, and make sure to rehydrate property (water is your friend here). 

Flush Out Any Metabolite By-Products 

Metabolites by-products can build up in your system during a crossfit session. While you need metabolites, you don’t need a significant build-up of your by-products. 

The problem is that they don’t always go away unless you make them go away, 

Easiest way to flush out these niggling metabolites? A warm-down exercise is your best bet. Keep it light and gentle and don’t work yourself too hard. 

You could also try a warm shower followed by an ice bath. The very thought can send some folk running away with fear, but the sharp contrast between hot and cold can help to get rid of your metabolic by-products. 

As an alternative, you could try compression garments, as these bad boys squeeze metabolites out of your muscles and replace the blood with oxygenated blood instead. 

Get a Good Rest 

It’s when we rest that our body gets a proper chance to heal and repair damaged tissue. Even if you’re aching to go again, it’s essential that you get a good rest post-crossfit. This will help to prevent fatigue, and it will give your muscles, your bones and your brain a chance to recharge. 

Get a Massage 

A body massage is a fantastic way of relaxing your tissues and muscles, as well as minimising fatigue. 

It’s also a nice little treat for yourself, and doing crossfit is a good excuse to get a full-body massage ;) 

Foam Rolling 

If you don’t have the financial clout to go for a full-body massage each time you do crossfit, you could use a foam roller instead. This is a cost-effective and easy way to eliminate any nasty knots in your muscles while maintaining excellent tissue quality. Make sure to do it after each crossfit session. 

Final Word 

Understanding what you need to do post-crossfit is just as important as understanding what you need to do during a crossfit session. There are lots of ways to recover, but it’s a smart idea to use as many methods as possible. You can eat well, get some rest and flush out metabolite by-products without too much hassle. 

You could also chuck a massage in there now and then, too ;) 

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