Rest Days For Boxers. You Actually Have to Do Stuff

Rest Days For Boxers. You Actually Have to Do Stuff

Rest days for boxers: You actually have to do stuff. 

Who’d have thought it, huh? 

I remember reading that Muhammed Ali - as great a fighter as he was -hated training. He hated it and yet he kept pushing through because he knew that to be the best he had to keep going. 

We’re all the same. If you want to be a champ, you have to do stuff even when you’re supposed to be “resting.” For boxers, there’s no such thing as a “nothing day.” 

Let’s take a look at how to fill up those rest days. 

Do a Warm-up 

Just like you would on a training day, you should start your day with a warm-up session. This means stretching, moving around and generally keeping warm. 

It’s really important that you keep your blood flowing, even on days when you aren’t hitting it hard. Blood flow helps to heal your body. 

Do Some Micro Skill-Work - But Take It Easy 

You could spend your rest day working on a few new slipping patterns or combinations. Maybe work on your footwork, too. 

Basically, use your time to work on a few little tricks that will give you a competitive advantage in the ring. 

Have a Chat With Your Coach 

I’m writing this during the coronavirus pandemic, a time when more and more people are having video chats. As such, if you don’t want to waste precious time meeting your coach in person on a rest day, why not hold a quick session on Zoom? 

You could ask them questions and chat about various things. You’re not going hard physically, but you could still have a bit of a mental workout. 

Do Some Bag Work 

But don’t go hard. Go easy on yourself by doing someeasy bag work. 

And by easy I mean like 50%.

No, that’snot the same as 90%! 

Keep it light and work on some tiny movements. Make sure to keep moving and breathing. Keep a check on your micro-coordinations.

Learn How To Juggle 

Did you know that elite fighters juggle? 

Juggling improves your eye-hand coordination, and it also sharpens up your movements and timing. 

Juggling, of course, isn’t easy so you’ll want to watch a video and learn to juggle first

Take an Ice Bath 

Most people treat themselves to a warm, soapy bath on their days off from work. But not you. You’re a fighter, which is why you’ve gotta take an ice bath! 

Ice baths are great for bringing down any swelling and inflammation you’ve got, and they also test your resolve and build character.

You’ll feel uncomfortable for the first 2 minutes and will probably wanna bolt out of there. But keep going - your body will quickly adapt. 

Go To The Gym and Watch Others 

Lastly, pop to the gym and watch others. See what other coaches and trainers are saying to their fighters, see what they’re teaching. See what you can learn from them - what tricks they’re implementing, what strategies they’re using and what they focus their practice session on the most.

The best sportsmen of any kind are sponges who know they don’t know it all. Instead, they seek out others who are in the same game as them and see what they can learn from them. 

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